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The Dalai Lama with Khashyar Darvich and David Mueller

Producer-Directors Khashyar Darvich (left) and David Mueller (right) with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in India for the Peace Pilgrim documentary

The Wakan Foundation for the Arts (a California 501(c)(3) non profit foundation) and Wakan Films-- serving the Greatest Good and uplifting humanity through filmmaking.

A multi-award-winning motion picture and national television production company that is currently producing several quality documentary and feature films including:

Maya Angelou with Khashyar Darvich and David Mueller

Poet, filmmaker and actress Dr. Maya Angelou with Producer-Directors Khashyar Darvich and David Mueller during filming for the Peace Pilgrim documentary


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Wakan Films has won 8 International Telly Awards

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Wakan Films' documentary film website... A new web site from Wakan Films devoted to Wakan Films' commitment to producing documentaries that televise positive images and offer rewarding programs for a world television audience.

On this site you will find:

  • Documentary on Peace Pilgrim
  • "Synthesis Dialogues with the Dalai Lama"
  • "Black Hawk Waltz: Tales of a Rocky Mountain Town"... Wakan Films' national documentary that was aired on PBS stations and several times on The History Channel and that won 7 awards, including a 1997 Telly Award and 2 gold Classic Telly Awards which honors the best work in the past 20 years.
  • : internship and employment opportunities available
  • Other Documentaries soon to come


>HOT>> NEW INFORMATION!... When we get it, you'll get it.

  • >New Info: Wakan films has interviewed His Holiness The Dalai Lama for three separate projects including "Peace Pilgrim", "Synthesis Dialogues with the Dalai Lama", and a Dateline NBC special on Tibetan medicine. The Nobel Peace Prize-winning Dalai Lama is one of the authorities of peace in the world today. Other interviews include poet Maya Angelou and actor Dennis Weaver.
  • >A little heat on The History Channel > Wakan Films' and the Hunter Neil Company's television documentary, "Black Hawk Waltz: Tales of a Rocky Mountain Town," was aired nationally several times on the History Channel in 1998, 1999, and 2000. The History Channel version of "Black Hawk Waltz" had to be cut about 10 minutes for commercials.
  • >Phew, man it's hot in here> Wakan Films Public Service Announcement on "Saving the Redwood Forests" has won 15 awards including 5 Telly Awards, and is currently being broadcast on television in California.
  • >Gettin' Hotter> Wakan Films has started a nonprofit foundation, the "Wakan Foundation for the Arts", to help support films and other arts that serve the Greatest Good and that uplift humanity.
  • "FAREWELL TO RUMI"... info about this feature film and how you can get involved

    • Investor information
    • Other ways to help-- we can use a lot of people with passion, imaginative thinking, and people who believe in the importance of the project and want get the word out. Many minds can make great things happen.

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  • I think that love and happiness fit in there somewhere too.
  • We added "Spiritual Success Formulas"
Khashyar Darvich

Khashyar Darvich



KHASHYAR DARVICH... A little something about the Producer/Director/Writer (+ pics). Includes photos with the His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Dr. Maya Angelou.

David Mueller

DAVID MUELLER... A little something about the Producer/Director/Writer (+ pics)





FUN STUFF... My God, Jim, you just gotta have fun once in a while

  • Film reviews and recommendations from me and the emailing audience

  • Cool, fascinating, and first-rate web site links (Johnny Cash rumors page, etc.)

    • Hey! Lots of eccentric and entertaining new links here  :)
Dennis Aig

Dennis Aig


OTHER BIOS... there are some impressive filmmakers working with Wakan Films

  • Dennis Aig... the man is amazing... two Emmies, Four Emmy noms, working with Redford... rub his sleeve for luck as if he were Buddha
  • Jerry Aronson... nominated for a 1979 Acadamy Award for his documentary, "The Divided Trail." He also produced and directed the remarkable and acclaimed documentary, "The Life and Times of Allen Ginsburg."


ABOUT WAKAN FILMS... We really do want to change the world via Hollywood

  • Giving allows more receiving, and it just feels good.
  • Fun filmmaking with a cause

COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS... Yours...We will list some of them from our email.

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