Silence of Happiness Documentary Film – Inspiring story of deaf teen dancers from Sri Lanka

Coming Soon…

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Filming has begun on this new inspiring documentary film by Wakan Films, set in the beautiful country of Sri Lanka, centered around the lives of deaf children who are rescued from their lives of isolation and despair in rural Sri Lanka where education for the hearing impaired is nonexistent. These children are brought to a school for the deaf where they are taught sign language so they can begin to communicate their thoughts and feelings with the world that have been hidden and silent for years. Even though they cannot hear the music, they are taught beautiful intricate traditional Sri Lankan dance, which helps them express themselves in ways that they previously could not. Through the healing power of water and insight meditation, a Sri Lankan therapist living in Scotland travels back to her native Sri Lanka to help these children further heal their traumatic experiences of surviving the devastating Tsumani, the Sri Lankan Civil War, homelessness and neglect and abuse.