About Wakan Films

Wakan Films is an award-winning film and video company that was founded by Producer-Director Khashyar Darvich in 1996, and that has produced and directed several international award-winning films, videos and commercials.

The word “Wakan” is a Lakota Native American word that means “sacred” or “having qualities of the Great Spirit.” Khashyar chose that name for his film company from a Native American screenplay that he was writing at the time.

Wakan Films specializes in successful, high quality and powerful films, TV and video projects that serve the Greatest Good and impact audiences in a positive way through high production value and story-telling.

Wakan Films’ work has appeared in cinemas around the world in multiple languages, as well as on television on networks such as NBC, CBS and PBS.

Recently, Wakan Films and Khashyar Darvich produced and directed the award-winning Dalai Lama Renaissance Documentary Film (narrated by actor Harrison Ford), which won 12 awards, was the official selection of over 40 international film festivals, and screened in hundreds of cinemas around the world in a variety of different languages.

We welcome sharing our expertise and passion with new projects where we can help others to share their inspiring and positive stories and ideas with the world.