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MY THOUGHTS ABOUT THIS (conversationally)

O.K., here are some formulas for success and getting what you want in life, which probably is or ultimately is happiness or some form of happiness like love-- We are all looking for happiness in some form, aren't we?

We think that we want money or relationships or a new car stereo, and we DO want things like money, but what we think that the money will bring us is financial security or a relief from stress and worry. So it's not really about the money, and maybe it's really about removing pleasure in our lives so we can feel happiness via peace. If we are simply at peace and happy and content deep down inside, then we wouldn't strive to achieve so many things, or at least struggle in our achievement to the point of losing sight of that life is about much more than achievement... It's also about finding peace and REALLY good-feeling things like love and spiritual bliss-- yes, there is a spiritual bliss, at least from what I have found, when I have felt the inner and/or outer presence of divine benevolent highest spirit (which I, in my own personal lingo, call God.)

So think about where you are in life, and if you are REALLY happy-- if you are not, then why not? And, another question-- Is there a spiritual world for you that is practically alive for you, and have you really experienced this spiritual world or God's presence (and not just thought about it or believed in it with your mind)?


Anthony Robbins (who wrote "Awaken the Giant Within," and "Personal Power"), and who I think should spend a little more time applying spiritual power tools to his powerful psychological arsenal, has a very simple and fantastic way of approaching accomplishment with his CANI! formula.

CANI! means: Constant And Never-ending Improvement! And the "!" I think is to imply that is can be and perhaps is better when it is exciting.

Any way, the whole point to this idea is that we can improve things or make something better like a marriage or our health or a novel we're writing by making small improvements one step at a time. If we make only a one percent improvement each day, then the cumulative effect will be more than 365 percent a year, like interest in a savings account-- Wow!  The possibilities!


Hey, many things are important, but some things seem to have more real significance than others. Paramahansa Yogananda, who was a great India yogi, came to America at the turn of the century and met with all kinds of well-known Americans at that time, but really lived his life spiritually, and never tried to make any money from giving to others what was given him by Divine Wise Loving Intelligence. His life was amazing-- read about it in "An Autobiography of a Yogi." I think that Peace Pilgrim (a woman who walked over 30,000 miles across the country relying on God's and people's generosity for food and whatever she needed-- and got it) was right when she said that you can't buy spirituality or spiritual truth, and anyone who is trying to sell it to you doesn't really have it. There's a real pure clean loving spirit about spiritual truth that is underscored and tainted when it is sold-- this kind of truth is a part of Love, and love can never be sold.

Anyway, Yogananda's hierarchy of what is important in life is:

  1. Truly living spiritually by knowing God (or what you call God)

  2. Happiness (whew!, I'm glad that that made it to top half of his list  :)    )

  3. Health  (many of us, including me, tend to neglect this one)

  4. Money  (of course many Americans put this first or second-- why??)

Maybe this list was obvious to many, but let's really apply it to our lives since we KNOW it makes sense.

Somehow LOVE, in a practical and real and tangibly felt way, and friendship and some more things also feel really important for this list too.


Not to focus on Anthony Robbins too much, but he has some great ideas. Robbins says that he assembled all of his life-enhancing techniques and ideas from studying and interviewing the most successful men and women throughout the ages... He developed a simple, easy-to-apply "Ultimate Success Formula" that really seems to make a lot of sense to me and has helped me put success into perspective. It is:

  1. Have a clearly defined goal and know the outcome of your goal

  2. Take steps, real steps towards our goal often, even if they are very simple steps

  3. Periodically evaluate whether or not your plan of action is working or not, and if it isn't, then change your approach. (Airplanes are actually off course over 95% percent of the time and their instruments have to consistently make adjustments until they reach their destinations)

  4. Keep at it until you achieve your goal

  5. Keep in touch often with the spiritual wise place that you know, whether it's the divine presence of love, or God, or Mohammed, or Christ, and have real one-on-one communication with that wise loving force so that you are saying what you want to say and are asking for what you want, and very very importantly, so that you are receiving that wise force's messages and guidance.


These "Steps Towards Inner Peace" are basically the transcribed words of a remarkable woman called Peace Pilgrim, who walked 25,000 miles across America from 1953 until she died in 1981, all in the name of peace.

She is a remarkable woman, and learned much about having faith in God and that things that she needed would be provided to her.

Her message was simple: "This is the way to peace: Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love."

She is just an incredible woman who inspired millions of people by her honest and simple way of living, and we have her "Steps to Inner Peace" right here>> "Steps toward Inner Peace" (we'll add this link very soon  :)  but for now, read one line down  :)   (where you can find her steps towards inner peace  :)

Or, you can go to the "Friends of Peace Pilgrim" website at: www.peacepilgrim.com


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